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I'd rather have 68 bucks of whatever my butcher has that day.

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Quality over quantity I say. You'll end up having more fun with the dry ice they package to keep it all cold.

I would always put in in my sink full of hot water and turn my apartment into the swamps of Degobah. You said it with the dry ice.

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It's the only good part about getting a package of Omaha Steaks. I used to be a meat cutter. Go talk to one and see what he suggests.

Let’s Meet Omaha Steaks

Maybe they have a hot price coming up on something. Definitely not worth it. I know it seems inexpensive for all that, but the food is crap. The steaks I bought from them were tough and tasteless. The chicken fried steak felt like ground beef and bread crumbs glued together. Their sausages were bad. How do you mess up sausage?! Not worth it by a long shot. They used to be sorta good, now they are just a brand. I won these twice in a work raffle. Barely worth it when it was free. Bunch of shitty cuts and bland food.

I've made that mistake.

Omaha Steaks Groupon Deal – LAST DAY TO GET IT

I won't do it again! Just say NO! Quality is terrible at Omaha. If you absolutely have to have something from an online store, Chicago steaks, is much better quality wise.

Omaha Steaks Favorites + Product Review (Brand Partner)

However, as everyone has said, head to a local butcher and pick up whatever they have. Pretty much guaranteed to be better than anything you'll find online. Let's look at what's really going on here.

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