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Barely a month since they launched that first deal, the fledgling company has 5, fans on Facebook and counting. Bright blue is a theme in their offices on Jawatte road. Over coffee we talk about the first month of deals.

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What makes anything. They see themselves as anything but elite and judging by their online interactions, they keep their service patient and warm. | Grab the best quality at the unbeatable price | Up to 75% Discounts

One of their shareholders is Ensogo. Linking up with Ensago helped them fast track setting up anything. Their new model presents its own challenges. This might be anything from 2 to 5 days, but a countdown running under the deal keeps you updated. Fortunately, once bought, your voucher will be valid for up to 2 - 3 months — so you can take your time about spending it. Read the fine print though before you buy one, every merchant imposes their own conditions on the offer.

It all boils down to the cost of acquiring a customer, says the team. Traditional venues of advertising can be very expensive — but a voucher will bring in a customer and likely their friends as well. Of course, once you have them, you have to keep them, and then ensure they come back. A merchant provides a limited number of vouchers and these are sold on a first come first serve basis.

A deal typically goes live around a.

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They take accusations of spamming very seriously and have chosen to have a U. S based company regulate their emails.

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If you choose to unsubscribe, your request goes directly to the U. S where you are taken off the list. Apparently, the penalty for spamming imposed by the FTC, per email is 16, dollars. Every time someone you invited makes a purchase, you earn credits. Kapruka was formed in and it's principals were set by a single entrepreneur. Since then growth of Kapruka has been exponential with global presence and work force over skilled employees in Sri Lanka. Kapruka has forged partnerships with over renowned brand names and it offers quintessentially Sri Lankan products of the highest quality.

The extensive range of gift ideas combined with its impeccable professional standards has created a satisfied and loyal customer base. It is innovations inspired by the company's spirit of creativity and passion that has resulted in its unprecedented success. Kapruka remains ambitious and committed towards finding original ways of connecting Sri Lankans across the world. The best deals are often done with people who live in your own city or on your own street, so on ikman. All you have to do is select your region.

It's completely free to publish a classified ad on ikman. You can sign up for a free account and post ads easily every time. So if you're looking for a car, mobile phone, house, computer or maybe a pet, you will find the best deal on ikman.

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We also carefully review all ads that are being published, to make sure the quality is up to our standards. Social Media Smartphone App. A market place launched in with one vision in mind, to give buyers and sellers a singular platform to meet and to transact online smoothly. Simply retailgenius.

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They enable and empower users only with the best selections. We provide to cities, containing featured brands with approximately 10, listed items live in just under 30 categories. So finally, what sets us apart? What makes Retailgenius. To keep it simple we adopt 3 simple standards.

We offer a dynamic online marketplace for all luxury brands offered. Secondly, we promise competitively priced products that are not offered online or offline; it will truly be the cutting edge of pricing. Lastly we ensure a payment gateway that is smart and easy to be used by customers to manage payments, with a promptly updated website. A simple solution for the complex buyer, retailgenius. The customer can order goods online and have them delivered to their doorstep anywhere in the island. The site accepts credit cards as well as Cash on Delivery CoD.

The best place to shop online in Sri Lanka. Introduction Lealta Benefits are the leading suppliers of Benefits services to companies nationwide. E-Commerce: Definition: E-Commerce refers the use of internet and other online services to be engaged in buying and selling of digital and non digital. History of E-Commerce. Advantages and Disadvantages of E-Commerce.

Types of E-Commerce. This involves purchasing, selling.

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  4. Socio- economically Enterprises select its customers through. Microsoft Tag for Retail More effective merchandising using interactive shelving, signage, and advertisements. What is E-Commerce? Section 8. What is E-commerce? E-commerce is the exchange of goods, services, information, or other businesses through electronic. By Mr.